There are a number of different types of website you can have, or you can choose bits of different types. One thing to remember is websites are not cast in concrete, they are easy to update and change as and when your needs dictate, so choosing a type of website is not a terribly difficult things as it is easy to change from one to another

In addition to the cost of creating your website there is an annual fee of £90, which includes your server space and basic email hosting.

The different types are below, clicking on them will take you to the appropriate place on the page or feel free to read about them all as you scroll down the page.

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Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites use a database to store most of the information displayed. The pages as viewed by someone browsing the site do not actually exist until they are requested. This makes things more cost effective if you have a reasonable number of pages that will all look similar and have the same sort of layout but the words and pictures on the pages will change.

While it does take a little more effort to create these sites the price per page is considerably less than a static site of the same size.

A dynamic website will cost from £1200.

Examples of dynamic sites are

Boxed Bridal

Boxed Bridal wanted to be able to update their own content, but didn't want to learn how to program HTML. This site was created with an administration "back end" that is password protected. All text and images on all the pages can quickly and easily be changed by the staff at Boxed Bridal.

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Websites you can update yourself

Customers often want to be able to update their own websites, this is great, but would require a massive amount of work to write all the forms and validation it would require. A far more cost effective route is to use a "website engine".

These are dynamic websites that have templates for the pages. The website software is free, as per the software licence, all we are allowed to charge for, is our time customising the site to your colours\fonts\styles\logos images etc.

We use Wordpress as our engine, probably the most popular website framework available.

A Wordpress website will cost from £1600.

Examples of a Wordpress sites are

SPS Leaflet and Magazine Distribution Ltd

SPS Have a reasonably standard theme with a few additional "plugins" to add some dynamic content form Facebook ect.

Thurston Image Solutions

Another great example of a Wordpress site. This one has animated buttons along with various galleries.

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Shopping cart websites

Shopping carts are where you can sell your products on the internet. They display your wares and process the payments. Depending on the number of products you wish to sell will depend on which system you will probably choose. They range from little more than a static site using Paypal buttons for payments to a full blown shopping cart.. with a more basic cart in between

Shopping cart sites will use a shop framework that has been pre-written. The main cost of these sites are making it fit your companies identity, with colours and logos etc. Then loading up your products catalogue and configuring it to work as you wish, for example postal options etc.
Prices start from £1600

Here is an example

Gr8fun Targets

This is a full shopping cart. You can have special offers, discount coupons, different postage calculated based on country, track customers, let them login to see the status of the order... the list goes on.. A very comprehensive solution.

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Intranets are websites on a companies network. Best suited for businesses with multiple sites There a a number of solutions for intranets, but as they are on private networks I can not give any examples. They could be as simple as a static site or have 1000s of pages and span counties.

A small intranet can be from as little as £1500.

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Forums are places for like minded people to interact with each other. It is a framework for people to ask questions or leave answers. If you have a large number of customers who may benefit form helping themselves almost as a "community" or needing a single place to see commonly asked questions etc - but interact with the site then a forum is for you.

A forum can be set up for £1250, most of this is time configuring the site as, like the shopping carts forums are best pre written and customised rather than starting from scratch - which would take 100s of hours to complete

We are currently running one forum at the moment that receives 10,000 visits a month


Verminhunter is a place where people who enjoy controlling vermin with airguns can ask questions and share stories. The subject matter may not be to your taste, but the principle of the forum is easy to see.

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